“I was absolutely thrilled with the level and quality of personalized training I received as a client of Strong and Healthy Temple, and the depth of caring of Debbie McKiver. I strongly recommend her services. You will be encouraged to meet your fitness/weight-loss goals, as well as enlightened in your understanding to be able to overcome any obstacles that have hindered previous attempts. Excellent service all around!”

Aleta W. Texas, USA

“Most valuable decision that I could have ever made. Highly recommend you take the time to try Ms. Debbie McKiver and the wide range of services she offers.”

April S. South Carolina, USA

“I’ll admit that at first I thought that it wasn’t working, but it was because I wasn’t actually putting in the work. Debbie won’t attempt to “diagnose” you with a problem, tell you what to do or spoon feed you. What she will do is team up with you and coach you through to making optimal decisions so that you can live your best life. She wants you to get results! I highly recommend her services.”

Angela A. Georgia, USA

“Debbie, The kids loved the books!! They are adorable, and so well written 💖💖!!”

Kristina E., New York, USA